The Launch of followbackr

Dear all,
I am delighted to announce the launch of followbackr is a site for those of you who are on Twitter. It’s especially useful for internet professionals and startups looking to connect better with their Twitter followers.
followbackr has just come out of a successful ‘beta’ phase. To my own surprise, the site had hundreds of sign ups without a dollar spent on advertising. These included sign ups from political speakers, South American magazines and even a hip-hop artist!
I invite you to give followbackr a look ( Send me your feedback. And if you like the site, spread the word by liking the facebook page at:
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Twitter Follower Management

Since I started using Twitter and gaining followers (a count that’s still under 1000, but a respectable 800), I wondered how to better engage my followers. To me, managing my twitter followers was a befuddling mystery at worst, and a pain at best.

I have tried following all my twitter followers using services like (the now defunct) autofollowbacktool, however there are too many spammers out there, and now my twitter feed is full of junk from them.

For this reason, I decided to start followbackr which filters out the spammers from your followers. By integrating with Klout, followbackr is able to determine which of your followers have a real social influence, and who among them do not. Based on your preferences, followbackr will follow back only those who are genuine followers.

So give followbackr a try. Also, I would love to hear your feedback and reviews.

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Has your iPhone got your number wrong?

I recently purchased a new iPhone and changed providers so that I can get unlimited data.  

Once I started using iMessage, I realized that my iPhone had the wrong number setup in it. With iOS 5, you are no longer able to edit the number on your phone. In fact, you can’t edit your number on iTunes either. This is a situation where the iPhone has the wrong number setup, and you can’t correct the number on the iPhone.

So here’s the solution. It’s really strange, but it works.

On your Home Screen, Go to the ‘Settings’ icon.

Click on ‘Phone’ and double-check that the wrong number is setup.

Go back to the main screen and select¬†‘Messages’ (it’s a little further down).

You will notice that ‘iMessages’ is ‘ON’. So go ahead and switch it off for 90 seconds.

After 90 seconds, switch it back on.

Go to the original menu in settings and select ‘Phone’. This should show you the correct phone number now.

iPad Applications I Love

I love using my iPad and am always looking out for applications to enhance its utility.

Here is a small list of applications that I love, which proved to be very useful or entertaining. I hope some of these help you make the most of your device as well! Enjoy.

1. Art:

Drawing Pad
Inspire Pro

2. Music:

GarageBand (Expensive but worth every cent)

3. Note taking:

Bamboo paper
NotesPlus (Paid but fully featured).

4. Book reading:

Stanza (free with access to free and paid resources)
Audiobooks free (many free (and some paid) audiobooks
British Library 19th Century Collection (if you like really old books)
Philosophers’ Notes (summaries of books)
Google Books (Access to Google’s free book collection)
Kindle (Access any Kindle Books)

5. Work processing:

QuickOffice Pro HD (It’s expensive, but a worthwhile all in one solution)
Alternatively, Apple has its own software (Keynote, and a few others… )

6. Access your PC from your iPad:

AudioGalaxy (sync all your music to your ipad over the air)
Linux lovers: iSSH

7. Games:

World of Goo
Asphalt 6 (Car racing)
Zynga Poker (Free online poker)
Words Free (Free online scrabble)
Fifa 11 HD (Soccer)

8. Movies and Music:

Vevo HD

9. News and Information:

Economist/Time (If you have a print subscription)

10. Reference:

WikiOffline (access the entire wikipedia offline – note that this will consume about 4GB of space)
Star Walk (see the night sky)
National Geographic World Atlas
Bing for iPad

11. Travel:
Fotopedia Heritage (beautiful pictures from around the world)
FlightTrack (helps you keep track of your flights with latest information)

12. Backgrounds:
Pimp your screen

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Goodbye America

Dear United States of America
I came to know you intimately in the last six years.
You introduced me to many wonderful people, but secretly stole some of my most loved ones.
In our time together, you often surprised me with such happy moments – but you also made me sad and lonely.
You have also challenged me – Sometimes letting me win, but sometimes watching me lose it all.
I hate you, USA.. I really do. And yet I love you deeply.
Try as I might, I cannot understand you.
Though I am leaving you now, I shall certainly miss you.
With love,

PS: Your tantrums with the earthquake, hurricane, and power outages, were a little over the top.
There are nicer ways to part. But that’s just my opinion.

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Ubuntu 10.04 Boot Sequence

Just installed Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx (a Linux Operating System) – but want to default boot into Windows (or your alternate OS)?

Many people struggle to change the boot sequence on this version of Ubuntu, because this version uses Grub 2 – a newer version of the Grub boot loader.

Okay, technical details aside, it’s really easy to change the boot sequence.

This is what you need to do:

1. When the bootup menu pops up asking which operating system you would like to boot into, note the position of the Windows option (e.g. on my computer, it is on the 5th position).
2. Let the default Linux operating system log in (this would happen automatically
2. Once you enter your Ubuntu username and password (if you have set a password), and come to welcome screen, go to

Applications > Accesories > Terminal

3. In the terminal, key in this magic formula (this will lead you to the file you need to modify):

sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg

(You may be prompted to enter a password for permission to change this file. Enter your regular login password)

4. Look for the line which reads as follows:

set default=”0″

5. Change the “0” to the position of your Windows login
(Since the list is numbered starting 0, subtract 1 from the position of Windows login. E.g. Since my Windows login is on position #5, I would set this to:

6. Press the save button (or Ctrl-S)

7. Restart your computer, and you should be good to go!

Hope you find this helpful!

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Happiness Habits – Make Everyday the Happiest Day Ever

Many of you know that my brother has been a forest monk, and now teaches people how to be happy in today’s stressful world!

He is currently in Richmond, VA and shall be conducting a ‘joyshop’ on Thursday, 4th of August, 2011. All are welcome to join. Details below.

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Writing in the sky

I was driving down I-95 this evening, and saw the strangest ‘writing’ in the sky. Not a banner add, this was clouds spelling out letters. There wasn’t any plane in sight immediately near the clouds. Though there were some planes passing by after some time.

I couldn’t decipher what’s written in the clouds. Also, I wonder if there is some technology to explain this?

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The Helicopter Rescue Riddle

On 1st of July, 2011, I visited Tony’s Grove Lake , near the large Bear Lake, UT.
Due to a snowmobile crash, a rescue helicopter had been called in when I was visiting. Fascinated by the rescue operation, I photographed the helicopter returning with the crash victim.
At that time I didn’t see anything strange. But on going through the pictures later, I noticed a glow on the top right of one of the pictures

The entire slide show follows (Click ‘FullScreen’ and then ‘SlideShow’ to review the sequence in full). You can see the full screen images below.


At Tony's Grove near Bear Lake (Utah), I was capturing the return of a rescue helicopter. Towards the end, one of the pictures has a strange object in the top-right corner. Any thoughts what this might be?

[img title="Rescue Helicopter Approaching" alt="You can't see it, but it's there" src=""][img title="..." alt="" src=""][img title="..." alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="Strange object in this picture" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""][img title="" alt="" src=""]

Any thoughts on what this unidentified object may be?

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Amazing Manga Music Video

Does someone know what the lyrics mean??

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