Home Theater setup – HDMI

I have a Sony STR-K7100 HDMI Pass Through system. When I got a laptop with integrated HDMI, I was confident I could get a digitally tuned home theater setup. What I wanted to do, ofcourse, was play netflix movies on my computer, and route them to my projector through the Sony receiver.
This way, I will be able to get digital quality sound through my receiver, and digital quality picture on my projector!

Unfortunately, HDMI pass through means your receiver does NOT read the data passing through it, and only switches two HDMI input ports to one HDMI output port. Quite a waste I think.
So bottomline, I am using a 3.5mm jack to listen to music right now.

  • What is the initial step for installation home theater¬†¬†

  • Saket Khanna

    Try following the steps in the manual. Mainly your speakers would need to be connected to the main 'receiver' box (which has the volume control and most of the buttons), and the receiver box would need to be connected to your TV, DVD/BluRay player, Computer, etc; and to the power plug of course.
    Have fun!

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