Has your iPhone got your number wrong?

I recently purchased a new iPhone and changed providers so that I can get unlimited data.  

Once I started using iMessage, I realized that my iPhone had the wrong number setup in it. With iOS 5, you are no longer able to edit the number on your phone. In fact, you can’t edit your number on iTunes either. This is a situation where the iPhone has the wrong number setup, and you can’t correct the number on the iPhone.

So here’s the solution. It’s really strange, but it works.

On your Home Screen, Go to the ‘Settings’ icon.

Click on ‘Phone’ and double-check that the wrong number is setup.

Go back to the main screen and select¬†‘Messages’ (it’s a little further down).

You will notice that ‘iMessages’ is ‘ON’. So go ahead and switch it off for 90 seconds.

After 90 seconds, switch it back on.

Go to the original menu in settings and select ‘Phone’. This should show you the correct phone number now.

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