Twitter Follower Management

Since I started using Twitter and gaining followers (a count that’s still under 1000, but a respectable 800), I wondered how to better engage my followers. To me, managing my twitter followers was a befuddling mystery at worst, and a pain at best.

I have tried following all my twitter followers using services like (the now defunct) autofollowbacktool, however there are too many spammers out there, and now my twitter feed is full of junk from them.

For this reason, I decided to start followbackr which filters out the spammers from your followers. By integrating with Klout, followbackr is able to determine which of your followers have a real social influence, and who among them do not. Based on your preferences, followbackr will follow back only those who are genuine followers.

So give followbackr a try. Also, I would love to hear your feedback and reviews.

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