Has your iPhone got your number wrong?

I recently purchased a new iPhone and changed providers so that I can get unlimited data.  

Once I started using iMessage, I realized that my iPhone had the wrong number setup in it. With iOS 5, you are no longer able to edit the number on your phone. In fact, you can’t edit your number on iTunes either. This is a situation where the iPhone has the wrong number setup, and you can’t correct the number on the iPhone.

So here’s the solution. It’s really strange, but it works.

On your Home Screen, Go to the ‘Settings’ icon.

Click on ‘Phone’ and double-check that the wrong number is setup.

Go back to the main screen and select¬†‘Messages’ (it’s a little further down).

You will notice that ‘iMessages’ is ‘ON’. So go ahead and switch it off for 90 seconds.

After 90 seconds, switch it back on.

Go to the original menu in settings and select ‘Phone’. This should show you the correct phone number now.

Downloaded iPhone Apps Don’t Launch!

Courtesy: gussifer | thecolorawesome.comWithout any warning, all my iPhone apps stopped working yesterday. Only the original apps like Contacts, Mail and Notes were working.

I tried syncing or restarting the phone, but neither helped.
As soon as any downloaded app launches, it would fail, and I’ll go back to the home screen. No error message. That’s it.

After doing some research, I found a way that worked to restore the phone properly. If you’re facing the same problem, hopefully these will help you as well.

This is the step by step procedure. All apps on my phone are now working perfectly:

1. Connect to a wireless network (avoid doing this on 3G, as one user said it didn’t work on 3G)

2. Go to the app store from your phone, and update any apps for whom updates are available.
In case you don’t have any updates pending, downloading a new app should do the trick as well.
3. Wait for the app to install fully.
4. Shutdown the phone (Keep power button pressed, until power-off slider shows. Then slide it to power off).
5. Power up.
6. Voila! Everything should be back in order now!

I hope this helps you. More later!

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Eight Killer Free iPhone Apps

As an iPhone enthusiast and AppStore addict, I’m sharing free apps worth treasuring, which are ready to get off the App Store right now! Comment and add more of your favorites.

1. Stanza: Forget kindle or even iBooks. Stanza is a little heard, but great eBook reader. The winning point: instant access to Project Gutenberg (33,000 free titles) and several free (and paid) eBook libraries.

2. EverNote: Write notes, audios, or upload pictures directly from your phone. Snap pictures business cards and notes – with great character recognition! You can then access your notes from the internet or your desktop. Store about 40MB of data each month – enough for most of us (and 98% of EverNote’s users). The end of losing your work!The iPhone

3. Backgrounds: Give your iPhone a new look. With thousands of images to chose from. All free. Fresh content daily.

4. Skype: Get a wireless LAN connection, and start talking to other skype users. Free. OR, Pay $2.99 a month for free calls across US and Canada! Toll Free numbers should be free anyway.

5. Pandora: With a 3G connection, you can get high quality streaming music completely free! Pandora DJ’s for you once you give it a song or genre you like. You can tell it if you like what it plays (or not), and it does a good job of giving you the music you love.

6. Qrank: A new favorite! Qrank gives you a daily trivia challenge – complete with ‘lifelines’ to help you, varying difficulty, and a nifty musical score. The results compare you to your neighbors, your state, or your country! Don’t forget to show off your smarts on facebook.

7 (and 8). Twitter and Facebook: The apps published by the companies themselves are great!

Note: I’m not affiliated or endorsed by these apps
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Evernote – one app for all your notes?

A couple of weeks ago, I installed EverNote on my HTC Touch Diamond, and just couldn’t get enough of it!
Evernote would take my handwritten or typed notes – sync them online – and make them available to me on my desktop too.
I could see that I’d not forget anything now! And best of all, their handwriting options – with colours and caligraphic pens had me spellbound.

Next thing – my HTC Touch Diamond screen cracks, and my friends convince me, its time for an iphone.

Well – the first app I installed was EverNote. But much to my disappointment, Evernote for the iphone does not allow handwriting or drawing. Although you can see your previously drawn/written notes.

Evernote guys – if you’re listening, can you please give the same features on an iphone – which are present on windows mobile? You really do have a great app.
And while you’re at it – please also include:
– auto scroll when you finish writing on a page
– please allow us to edit our notes on phones- really, you are cutting out a lot of functionality by forcing us to pay for this. I don’t mind paying for more space – which I will eventually need; but forcing me to pay for a disabled feature is upsetting!