Downloaded iPhone Apps Don’t Launch!

Courtesy: gussifer | thecolorawesome.comWithout any warning, all my iPhone apps stopped working yesterday. Only the original apps like Contacts, Mail and Notes were working.

I tried syncing or restarting the phone, but neither helped.
As soon as any downloaded app launches, it would fail, and I’ll go back to the home screen. No error message. That’s it.

After doing some research, I found a way that worked to restore the phone properly. If you’re facing the same problem, hopefully these will help you as well.

This is the step by step procedure. All apps on my phone are now working perfectly:

1. Connect to a wireless network (avoid doing this on 3G, as one user said it didn’t work on 3G)

2. Go to the app store from your phone, and update any apps for whom updates are available.
In case you don’t have any updates pending, downloading a new app should do the trick as well.
3. Wait for the app to install fully.
4. Shutdown the phone (Keep power button pressed, until power-off slider shows. Then slide it to power off).
5. Power up.
6. Voila! Everything should be back in order now!

I hope this helps you. More later!

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