The Launch of followbackr

Dear all,
I am delighted to announce the launch of followbackr is a site for those of you who are on Twitter. It’s especially useful for internet professionals and startups looking to connect better with their Twitter followers.
followbackr has just come out of a successful ‘beta’ phase. To my own surprise, the site had hundreds of sign ups without a dollar spent on advertising. These included sign ups from political speakers, South American magazines and even a hip-hop artist!
I invite you to give followbackr a look ( Send me your feedback. And if you like the site, spread the word by liking the facebook page at:
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Twitter for Windows Mobile?

Want to use Twitter for Windows Mobile? PockeTwit wins hands down for a robust, full-featured Twitter application for Windows Mobile – with a great customizable interface, and gesture support.

Best of all – it’s free!

Get it here